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Donation 2014

September 17th, 2015 by

Community Donation Amount 2013/2014 = £70,000.00

EEM is a strong supporter of local communities – which is why in previous years anything from 25% to 100% (dependant on spend via our Frameworks) of our Members annual membership fee was given back to them at our Annual Success Sharing Event as a Community Grant to benefit our Members local community groups.

Now that EEM has no Membership Fee and is free to join we still wanted to carry on giving back to our Member’s and their communities as we have seen the difference first hand these grants make…………

In September 2014 we gave our Member Mansfield District Council £4021.20 as a Community Grant and here’s what they used some of the money for;


Here’s what Milly Alonso from MDC had to say about the EEM Community Grant;

“EEM’s Community Grant enabled us to make the Mansfield Volunteer Awards more professional! The money wasn’t used for just one thing but for a number of items that we needed to make the day more successful e.g. the video, trophies/shields, stars and the buffet.”

Our MD Pete Smith who attended the evening said;

“It was a very humbling experience to see what some people do without favour or reward – a brilliant night and EEM were so proud to have been able to help towards this night in some small way.


If you would like to showcase what good cause benefitted from an EEM Community Grant please contact info@eem.org.uk

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