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Donation 2016

EEM continues to exceed expectations with increased turnover during the financial year 2015 / 2016. EEM’s objective is to provide a cost efficient procurement service through having a managed catalogue with potentially the lowest commission rates charged by any consortium.

Despite reducing the commission on materials to just 1% in April 2016, the increase in usage of materials has meant that EEM once again has an operating surplus of £144,000.

The operating surplus has been split over the members that have used EEM based upon the income received for that member. The surplus will be passed back to the member strictly for the use of supporting the communities it serves and not to support budgets or work that the member should be doing as a right.


The £144,000 2015/16 donation was allocated and used by members in the following ways:

A1 Housing Bassetlaw

ACIS Housing Group

Ashfield Homes
This donation was put towards tenant IT training and a community event.

Asra Housing

Bolsover District Council
Bolsover District Council intend to place an advert in their tenant magazine (due Aug/Sept 2017) to seek applications for where these funds should be allocated. 

Broxtowe Borough Council

Charnwood Borough Council
This donation has been allocated to the Charnwood Community Engagement Team and it will be delivered through the CHRF committee.

Chesterfield Borough Council
This donation will fund the refurbishment of two community common rooms. In addition to major refurbishments to the electrics, sanitaryware and kitchen etc, the donation will contribute towards, carpeting, furniture, soft furnishings and crockery etc.

City of Lincoln Council

Dales Housing

Derby Homes
This donation was distributed by Derby Homes via their Helping Hand payment scheme. A variety of causes and projects were supported such as football shirts for Alvaston Football Club, a bus trip for 36th Brownies, drama lessons at 1623 Theatre Company, a camera, a telescope, bicycles, piano lessons, a van, camping equipment and a variety of other items for many different important organisations within the community.  Click here for details of the scheme.

Derwent Living
Derwent Living donated their funds to the Derbyshire, Rutland and Leicestershire Air Ambulance.  Lynn Clayton, assistant director of housing, said: “We wanted to support a charity that will make a difference to the community we serve.”
Collette Richardson, fundraising manager at the Air Ambulance, said: “Our charity helps ensure that those who need urgent medical attention get the best pre-hospital care and rapid transport to specialist hospitals. Each mission costs around £1,700 so we’re really grateful for donations like the one from Derwent Living, which will fund a whole day’s worth of missions.”

Dudley Metropolitan BC

Gedling Homes
This donation supported food banks for the homeless over Christmas and a donation to support research into Pancreatic Cancer, as chosen by the Mayor of Gedling Borough. Gedling Homes intend to put the remaining funds towards Construction Skills training.

Gloucester City Homes
This figure was spent setting up the Homelink project which involves collecting furniture from a variety of routes such as donations, tenants moving out, people upgrading their own furniture and on occasion a good quality fly tipped item may be kept for further use. Homelink has provided basic furniture for 36 people who were in need. The Homelink project was devised to tackle the issue of tenants being unable to move in to their new property due to not having basic furniture.
Tenant 1: “Homelink helped me to put furniture in my home to make it homely for me and my children”
Tenant 2: “Service was very helpful because I am on a low income and the furniture donated helped me to move into my property”
Tenant 3: “The place is now carpeted, got a sofa and bed. A good start, thanks very much”

Helena Partnerships
Mark Jory, Community Investment Manager at Helena Partnerships said “We identified a community project involving a group of young mothers in one of our neighbourhoods. They told us that some young mothers were struggling to feed their families. So we have organised a cooking on a budget course at a local venue with child care. As well as learning new skills with which they will be able to make their money go further, they will also get free food to take home for their families. This course will then lead on to an employability skills course to support the move away from benefits, closer to the job market and hopefully out of poverty. Your contribution will make a big difference in people’s lives who need help the most. The cooking on a budget course has started and is going well. Hopefully the children will have full stomachs. Once again my sincere thanks for your generous contribution.”

Hinckley & Bosworth BC
Tenants voted for the money to be spent on a secure access shed in the Barwell community house garden containing power tools and lawnmowers etc for tenants who may not be able to afford their own tools. The tool-share started at the three community houses in March.  Council tenants can now borrow tools to help maintain their gardens. A small deposit is required which is returned on safe return of the tools. The toolshare is run by staff and volunteers at the community houses. A gardening group has also started at Barwell alongside the tool-share between 12 and 2 on Thursdays.

Leicester City Council

Mansfield District Council
A proportion of the money went towards running the Mansfield Volunteer Awards which is a yearly event held in June to recognise and celebrate the work of volunteers in the Mansfield District. The rest of the donation was used to help finance 3 community events with stakeholders including the Police, Housing Officers, Community Engagement Officers and the Voluntary Sector.

Metropolitan Housing
This donation was passed to the Metropolitan Neighbourhood Investment Team headed by Rob Bowley (Head of Neighbourhood Investment).  Rob has confirmed that the donation was greatly appreciated and it funded a Sports Event for young people (ages 14-21) in February.  There were 200 attendees and the outcome was that it led to five jobs and four volunteering opportunities.  The legacy is that due to the success of the event, it will continue to be part of the Neighbourhood Investment programme and further ones arranged going forward.

Newark and Sherwood Homes
Newark and Sherwood Homes has decided to implement a community grant scheme open to groups that support people within their district. Kristin McIntosh, Project Research Officer has been responsible for shaping and setting up the scheme. Kristin said “The EEM community sum will be distributed through the grant scheme along with other funds secured from other sources for distribution. We will accept applications at any time, and allocate grants twice per year both to tenant related and non-tenant related groups. Initially grant levels that can be applied for are between £100 and £2000 per round and we have a small committee of department leads to review and agree how funds are allocation. Grant beneficiaries will be linked to members of some teams mainly for monitoring purposes during the grant lifecycle and where appropriate will be looking to ways we can support publicity and involvement with projects to assist their success.
Please click here to read about one of the projects this donation funded.

Nottingham City Homes
To be distributed via a Community Grant Scheme for tenants to apply for funds.

NCHA’s young tenants helped to bring a local allotment to life again. The young people gave up their Inset Day to clear the Hartness Road plots and help with the erection of a new greenhouse and install raised beds for those less agile, funded by their EEM donation. The remainder of the funding went on a gated entrance to the Newark Castle Station Community Resource Centre (CRC).  As the CRC is in the car park, the entrance has always been difficult and H&S meant the gate couldn’t be kept open for drop-in sessions. The new entrance means  a) it’s safer – the other gate is locked  b) it has given disabled tenants better and safer access as the only other entrance was down steps and c) tenants are more likely to use the room if they don’t have to go into the dark car park to get to the room – and they can see the doorway to the community room from Mather Road. NCHA now have regular users attending the CRC again which is brilliant. Tenants cook and eat a meal together every week and it reduces isolation and loneliness. NCHA are also opening the room to a ‘Hearing Voices’ support group for people who are hard of hearing –  NCHA could not have given them access without better access to the room.

Rockingham Forest Housing Association
RFHA donated their funds to Serve which is a local charity that provides support to help elderly & disabled people retain their independence and stay in their own homes longer.

Rykneld Homes
As a result of this donation, disused land in a North East Derbyshire village has been transformed into a thriving community allotment as part of the North Wingfield Allotment Project. Rykneld Homes worked with local community groups to give a piece of land next to the Alma estate in North Wingfield a new lease of life and help young people learn about the benefits of growing and eating fresh fruit and veg. The land was being used for unlawful activities such as dumping of landfill and the mining of coal. One of the key objectives was to create a sense of community ownership, reduce potential vandalism and give young people positive activities to get involved with. Rykneld’s Community Involvement Team invited young people to help regenerate the disused land over the summer by clearing away rubbish and preparing the site as an allotment for use by local people. As well as offering something to do over the holidays the project also helped to reduce incidents of nuisance behaviour.

South Holland DC

Tuntum Housing
This figure funded costumes for the Nottingham Carnival.


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