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EEM Services

Please click here to access a simple guide to EEM.

Free EEM membership provides the following benefits:

Access to EEM Frameworks

  • Unlimited access to all EEM frameworks for Services and Material supply (Click here to see available frameworks)
  • Opportunities to be involved in writing tender specifications to ensure the members requirements are met

Support from the EEM Team

  • Support and advice from the experienced procurement team
  • The support of a Projects Officer who can supply and write call off contracts, as well as attend kickstart and review meetings to support the member

Benchmarking and Pricing

  • EEM has an aggregated buying power of 159 members which means that low prices can be obtained on behalf of members.
  • EEM has a Data Team who can undertake extensive benchmarking exercises to demonstrate where savings can be made
  • Access to the EEM Pricebook which is an online database of a wide selection of EEM rates
  • EEM can make suggestions of product alternatives of the same or higher quality to demonstrate where further savings can be made
  • EEM will regularly check member’s spend files to ensure the member has been charged at the correct EEM rates
  • EEM will work with manufacturers to try to mitigate price increases EEM will work with manufacturers to negotiate the best prices for products not already listed on the agreed EEM price files

Community Donation

  • As EEM is a not-for-profit organisation, members receive a proportion of the EEM operating surplus based on their usage of the EEM frameworks.  Over the last 5 years almost £628,000 has been donated, with a further £200,000 due to be distributed in 2019.

Sharing News and Events

  • EEM can often arrange factory tours for members to find out more about available products
  • EEM will share news of procurement legislation changes
  • EEM holds an free annual Showcase exhibition as an opportunity for members to network with almost 100 contractors, suppliers and manufacturers appointed to EEM frameworks.
  • EEM hold a large annual Awards ceremony to recognise and celebrate achievements in the housing and construction industry.


Click here to see if your organisation can become a member of EEM and click here to find out how to join.



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