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Supply of Scaffolding including Erecting and Dismantling

  • Framework Ref: EEM0051
  • Start Date: July 2018
  • End Date: July 2022
    Call-off contracts can be run for two years beyond the date of the framework
  • OJEU Contract Notice: Click here
  • OJEU Award Notice: Click here

If you would like to request further details about this framework, please email info@eem.org.uk or call 01246 395610

Supply of Scaffolding including Erecting and Dismantling


This framework covers the supply of ‘tube and fitting’ type scaffolding including erection and dismantling to be used for planned maintenance and responsive repairs.

The main types of properties where scaffolding will be required are domestic; these include 1, 2 and 3-storey properties and may be required for individual properties and rows of up to and more than 4 properties, there may also be a requirement for scaffolding at low, medium and high rise properties and also commercial properties, in these circumstances it is envisaged that a mini competition exercise will be undertaken.

Contractors will be able to scaffold buildings where EWI applied and alternative ways of securing scaffold to the property may be required, there may also be a requirement for alternative ways of accessing the property other than scaffolding.



This is a national framework.

Further information on how to utilise the lotting structure can be obtained from the EEM Team.



EEM0051 Scaffolding


This framework is available for either a direct call-off or mini competition. For a direct call-off we can make contact with your preferred Contractor and arrange for you to meet with them to discuss the opportunity.

If you wanted to re-open the competition (mini competition), then we would send out the initial expression of interest to all applicable Contractors and then you have the choice to either manage the tender process yourself or we can manage it for you.



  • Compliancy – This Framework is fully compliant with UK Procurement Regulations and the EU Procurement Directive. We’ve undertaken the procurement work so you don’t have to.
  • Quick & Simple to use – There’s no need to run a full EU tender and EEM will manage the process on your behalf where required
  • Approved Contractors – All Contractors have already been assessed during the framework tender process for their experience, financial stability, Health & Safety, Equality & Diversity and working practices
  • Ongoing Support – Members will have ongoing support during the call off contract from both the EEM Procurement Team and Projects Officer. We can attend kick start meetings, review meetings and assist with the completion of the contract documentation.
  • Competitive Pricing – All pricing is fixed for the first agreed period of the Framework and where possible fixed from April to March each year to give certainty within each financial year period. EEM will manage and negotiate all price increases to ensure fair application across our Members



 Existing EEM Members can log in to our secure Members Area and download the following documentation:

  • Framework Report
  • Framework Specification
  • Pricing Schedule Template
  • Signed Framework Agreements

If you are not already a member of EEM but would like to request further details, please email info@eem.org.uk or call 01246 395610.

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