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EEM announced as winner of Community Impact Award

September 10th, 2018 by

EEM Ltd has been announced as the winner of the Community Impact award at the East Midlands Chamber Derbyshire Business Awards 2018.

The Derbyshire Business Awards are an opportunity for businesses to come together and celebrate the success happening in the county.  The black tie event took place at Pride Park Stadium in Derby on Friday 7th September 2018 and was well attended by many local businesses.

For each category, five finalists were chosen by a diverse group of experienced judges, all from local businesses, and from that group of finalists, from which one entry was selected as the overall winner.

In the submission, EEM explained how:

  • Our not-for-profit model allows for all operating surplus to be given away to members in the form of Community Donations with £528,000 given away through this scheme so far. Read about how these donations have been spent here.
  • EEM has established the Building Communities Awards which recognises achievements within the housing and construction industry. All running cost surplus and fundraising that takes place at event is donated to a nominated charity. In the last few years we are proud to have raised £91,500 for a range of charities.
  • We have shown social responsibility by employing 3 apprentices through the East Midlands Chamber, taking the total number of staff to 11. One of these placements has led to a permanent position and the other 2 are also likely to be given the opportunity for a further career within the business.
  • We provide opportunities for smaller, local contractors by splitting many of our frameworks into regional lots.
  • We understand smaller businesses may not have the capacity to undertake repetitive and lengthy applications every time they want to apply for one of our tenders so we have established a system where they can store the details we require so they only have to do certain parts of the application once.
  • Several successful partnerships set up by EEM between housing providers and contractors have led to added values initiatives such as a street clean ups and charity walks.
  • The EEM model enables all our members to raise the standards of social housing as they have access to some of the lowest rates in the country for repairs and maintenance materials and services.
  • Our model means that our smallest member, a charity with only 150 properties, has access to the same material and service prices as our largest member with over 65,000 properties; something they would never be able to achieve alone. These savings mean that our smaller members, particularly charities, can focus their savings on extra initiatives to support their tenants’ needs.

We are delighted to have been selected as the winner of the Community Impact award and we look forward to many more years of having a positive impact on the communities that our members serve.

Click here to watch our reaction to winning!


Our very own Brogan Bullimore was also announced as a finalist for the Apprentice of the Year category. 

We put Brogan forward for the Apprentice of the Year 2018 because she’s exceeded the supportive role expected of her and shown incredible enthusiasm and talent enabling her to lead several successful projects.

Brogan has become a valuable asset who has enabled us to move forward to more modern procurement methods to support our membership without affecting the current level of service. The impressive thing about Brogan’s development is that it’s self-driven due to her outstanding initiative and positive attitude and her dedication to the development of herself and the business. It’s been wonderful to see her become confident in her own capabilities. With her only experience in retail, we were all impressed with how quickly she understood the entire business within a very short time of joining the company. It didn’t take long for Brogan to be able to clearly explain complex procurement methods to others with great accuracy.

Brogan is a shining example to all our apprentices of what they can achieve if they are willing to work as hard as she has.


For more information on the Derbyshire Business Awards, please visit their website here.


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