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Flooring training for our data team

May 2nd, 2018 by

On March 15th our data team attended The Big Show organised by Alvin Morris where they were given the opportunity to take part in some practical training.

Alvin Morris is a distributor which is able to provide Tarkett flooring which is the EEM appointed flooring manufacturer. Tarkett flooring rates are available to EEM members, just email rowena@eem.org.uk


Senior Data Analyst, Rowena Jones, is pictured below and said “It was a hands on experience where I joined two pieces of flooring together to make a robust and waterproof seal.  First I used a tool to groove the seam between the two bits of flooring to be joined, then inserted the weld rod into the welding gun and with a steady pace & pressure applied the weld rod along the groove.  The final step was to trim the excess weld with a blade (special tool) to leave a flat seamless join!”


Understanding how flooring is laid and the differences between brands helps the data team to support EEM members with their flooring requirements.


Rowena at the big show

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