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Supplier Engagement Days

September 24th, 2018 by

Over the next 2 years we have over 20 frameworks to renew, ideas for at least another 5 DPS arrangements and preparation for the renewal of all our materials agreements which expire in 2021. With this in mind we are keen to engage with as many contractors as possible to promote the benefits of securing a place on our framework and dispel any concerns or negativity towards working with consortia and tendering processes.


To help us achieve this we held our first Supplier Engagement Day on Wednesday 26th September at our offices which was a huge success with 23 contractors attending to come and talk to us. The day was focussed towards engaging with contractors of all sizes who are wishing to find out more about working with EEM and upcoming opportunities. It was only open to contractors we have not previously worked with.

The EEM Procurement Team were on hand during the day for one to one chats about the opportunities we have coming up, to explain how EEM operates and how we lot our frameworks and to talk contractors through our tendering portal and standard documents. There was also a presentation running throughout the day, FAQ sheets and information about EEM and our tender process for contractors to take away.

Going forward we plan to replicate the supplier engagement day on a monthly basis whereby potential contractors and suppliers will be able to make appointments to meet one of the EEM Procurement Team. Although not yet finalised we may also roll these sessions out to other locations to attract contractors across a range geographical locations so that our frameworks are suitable for our wider membership and geographical spread. We hope to engage with as many potential new contractors as possible.


Please see for our procurement activity planned for the next 2 years.

TitleGo live dateExpected Tender Date
EEM0053 – Passive Fire ProtectionNov 2018Out to Tender
EEM0069 – Facilities ManagementDec 2018Out to Tender
DPS0003 – UPVC Repairs, Locksmith Services & GlazingDec 2018Nov 2018
EEM0005 – Decorating MaterialsApr 2019Dec 2018
EEM0064 – Electric Vehicle Charge InfrastructureApr 2019Dec 2018
EEM0056 – Property Improvement WorksJun 2019Jan 2019
EEM0007 – Water TreatmentJul 2019Apr 2019
EEM0057 – Kitchen & Bathrooms
(To be combined with EEM0056)
Aug 2019Jan 2019
EEM0011 – Drainage clearance and CCTV inspectionOct 2019Jun 2019
EEM0033 – Lift ConsultancyFeb 2020Oct 2019
EEM0009 – Electrical Repairs, Rewires & Domestic Periodic ChecksMar 2020Nov 2019
EEM0028 – Re-roofing ServiceMar 2020Nov 2019
EEM0024(1) – Asbestos SurveysApr 2020Dec 2019
EEM0024(2) – Asbestos RemovalApr 2020Dec 2019
EEM0023 – PPE & Site Equipment SuppliesApr 2020Dec 2019
EEM0027 – Out of Hours repair serviceJul 2020Mar 2020
EEM0017 – Roofing Repairs and Asphalt Flooring
(May combine with EEM0028)
Jul 2020Nov 2019
or Mar 2020
EEM0036 – Demolition ServicesAug 2020Apr 2020
EEM0026 – Heating and Hot Water SystemsSep 2020May 2020
EEM0015 – Portable Appliance TestingSep 2020Jun 2020
EEM0025 – Printing, Fulfilment and MailingSep 2020May 2020
EEM0019 – Void Property Cleansing
(May combine with current Void Security EEM0042)
Sep 2020Apr 2020
EEM0022 – Small Plant, Fasteners & FixingsSep 2020Jun 2020


If you have any questions, please contact info@eem.org.uk or call 01246 395610





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