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Supplier focus – Amble Electrical

January 11th, 2018 by

Amble Electrical

 Amble is ‘switched on for service’ this year

Amble Electrical is one of the UK’s leading wholesalers and distributors of electrical supplies, and one of the electrical contractors on EEM’s framework for the supply of LED lighting over the counter (EEM0045).

Amble focuses on the demand from the end user and adapts to meet their needs, and the needs of electrical wholesalers. Its customers need quality electrical supplies, in good time, from a reliable supply chain – a target Amble always aims to achieve.

One of Amble’s strengths in the industry is its commitment to satisfying the demands of customers and offering a wide range of products and solutions from today’s leading manufacturers. This, paired with its staff’s dedication to delivering excellent customer service, is the winning combination when seeking out a new supplier.

The company motto – ‘switched on for service’ – is verified by the NQA, which acredited Amble’s efficiency and professionalism with a prestigious ISO 9001 certificate.

A recent example of their work…

Birmingham University recently made the switch to LED lighting in its Medical School. Amble supported the university by providing LED replacements for 500 fittings.

The fittings were made specifically to the university’s specification  andsupplied with a specially made bezel fitting to adapt to the existing fitting holes.

Not only did the LED lighting solution look fantastic, it delivered over 50% energy saving, reduced the maintenance factor with no need to change the LED lamps, and also provided a £23,600 saving on the fittings, against the specified product quotation.

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