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The Problem with Common Toilet Seats…

May 24th, 2018 by

We have all encountered the problem of having a loose toilet seat…


Normal seats work themselves loose over time and slip on the toilet pan.
A second issue is not having sufficient hinge adjustment to allow enough forwards and backwards alignment of the seat.


The following reviews are a handful of typical complaints;

⨵   Poor quality hinges, the seat slides around. Had to be replaced with an alternative product.
⨵   Poor fittings didn’t fit.
   Moved so much had to get another toilet seat.
   Doesn’t fit a standard toilet at the fixings are very close together. Disappointing.
   Does not fit my toilet keep slipping side ways. Had to take it off and go back to the plastic seat.


Flexi-Fix Toilet Seats

Croydex has developed a revolutionary hinge system which ensures the perfect fit and prevents slipping without compromising on style.

The versatile Flexi Fix Toilet Seat fixing system can be fitted onto many different types of toilet seats to offer more choice for the consumer.

 Wide range of materials and finishes as well as different size and shapes.

 Many different features are available including soft close and quick release toilet seats.

The Flexi Fix Toilet Seats can be adjusted to suit fixing hole centres from 110mm to 200mm. This is far greater than the 145mm to 165mm specified in the European Standard EN33.


always fits


 Adjustable V Plate

The innovative grip pad technology and pioneering patented V plate hinges provide maximum adjustment to fit the fixing holes of any standard toilet making the seats easy to fix, suitable for a wide range of toilet pans and, most importantly, completely secure. The incredible 60cm forward and backward range of adjustability ensures the seat can be fitted to the correct final position.

 Collapsible Supports

Collapsible supports hold the hinges off the toilet pan while you align the seat. Once the protective film has been removed and the position finalised, the seat can be fixed into place by applying a little pressure. The supports collapse and the Grip Pads adhere the hinge to the toilet pan for a secure fit which will not come loose or slip.

 Grip Pad

The grip pad technology is a pressure sensitive adhesive, meaning that it cures under pressure so the seal will strengthen over time. Because the Grip Pad cures over time it is easy to re-position the hinges during initial installation if slight adjustment is required. The seat can then be secured in place from above or below using the fixings supplied. At the end of the product’s life cycle, the hinges can be removed without leaving any residue on the toilet pan.

 Versatile Fixing

Not many people understand that there are two different toilet pan types; back to wall pans and standard pans. Most toilet seats aren’t suitable for both so we have designed our versatile hinge system
to be fitted from above and below the toilet pan, further increasing the fitting options.

 Suitable for Everyone  

The goal behind this design is to ensure our customers can purchase a toilet seat knowing that it will Always Fit and Never Slips.
Anyone who has fitted a toilet seat knows it can be very diffcult. We wanted to add our patented system without complicating the process of installing. Our combination of collapsible supports and Grip Pad technology make the installation quick and easy.


Croydex is entering the Flexi-Fix™ toilet seat for the Red Dot Award (Product Design)

This range of seats is available to purchase at competitive EEM rates via the plumbing distributor PTS.


If you have any questions, or require any more information on the product, please don’t hesitate to call or email rowena@eem.org.uk or call 01246 395604


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